Important COVID-related news stories that are being censored by the mainstream media in Ireland and internationally

January 30. The Greater Reset concludes its initial virtual conference. This is an important grassroots response to the UN and World Economic Forum’s totalitarian push for a new global corporate communism that they are calling "The Great Reset". The "Greater Reset" offers an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. The Greater Reset aims to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual freedom, bodily autonomy, and choice. Click here to view all the presentations.

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January 16. Belgians have filed a lawsuit against Bill Gates, Belgium, and a British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson for damages caused by unnecessary lockdowns.
January 13. Latest update here on the internatonal legal actions being taken against the WHO and others for falsifying a pandemic. Cases have now being filed in Germany and the USA.
This interview is from the documentary Planet Lockdown
January 2. Freedom Airways and Freedom Travel Alliance launched to provide international travel without any medical fascism.


Professor Sir John Bell, professor of medicine at Oxford University, and a part of the GAVI team developing AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine, admitted in an interview with Channel 4 News that "These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a %, say 60 or 70%.". The mainstream journalist refused to challenge him on this startling admission.
December 7. Legal challenge against COVID lockdowns destroying Irish jobs
Former Pfizer vice president and scientific director Dr. Michael Yeadonand German lung specialist and parliamentarian Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg have filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency calling for the immediate suspension of all SARS-CoV-2 vaccine studies – particularly the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).
Yeadon and Wodarg say the studies should be halted until a proper design study is available which addresses a host of serious safety concerns expressed by a growing body of renowned scientists who are skeptical of how quickly the vaccines are being developed, according to Germany’s 2020 News. Read more at
December 5. Legal challenge against lockdowns
The Irish Council for Human Rights is preparing to take a legal case protecting the constitutional right to work of all Irish citizens and challenging COVID lockdowns. The Council is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation set up to defend and promote human rights and civil liberties in Ireland. They are looking to hear from Irish business owners who have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 laws such as gyms, bookstores, coffee shops, barbers, salons, gift shops, cloths shops etc. You can learn more about the legal case here.
Go Fund Me Update: The Legal Challenge

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November 28. Freedom rally in Dublin
Despite new Irish anti-freedom laws, an “Assert Your Freedoms” rally was held in Dublin to oppose lockdown and controlled speech laws. The speakers included Prof Dolores Cahill. Unlike other demonstrations in London and Paris today, the Irish police did not try to break up this particular free speech event because the Irish establishment are desperately trying to avoid giving any publicity or media exposure to such an articulate and intelligent opposition spokesperson as Prof Cahill.
November 20. Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable
A Portugese court has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful. The judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection. Further, the ruling suggested that any forced quarantine applied to healthy people could be a violation of their fundamental right to liberty. Read details here.
November 19. Anti-lockdown protests are increasing across Europe
Increasingly draconian lockdown measures, economic destitution, and sweeping police powers are evaporating public trust and eroding public patience. However the mainstream media are not reporting them. Read details here.
November 16. BMJ slams COVID corruption
An editorial in the repected BMJ has slammed the corruption of science surrounding COVID. "Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health. Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science." This suppression of science to aggrandise and enrich those in power means people will die and freedoms will be lost. The full editorial can be read here. In case it gets censored, a PDF copy can also be downloaded.
November 15. UK government expecting a flood of COVID-19 vaccine injuries
The UK government has issued an "urgent" tender for "an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs)". This news should ring alarm bells among the public but will not be reported by the mainstream media. Read more here. Copy of the tender can be found here or downloaded using the link on the right if the tender is deleted.
November 11. (Un)Masking the truth: A doctor speaks out
Dr Marcus DeBrun (GP), resigned from the Irish Medical Council following the complete neglect by the HSE, our government and NPHET to adequately provide for the care of the elderly in Irish nursing homes during the early days of the Covid19 crisis. He felt his only option to raise awareness, was to speak out publicly at a Health Freedom Ireland Rally in September 2020. He paid a high price for listening to his conscience and telling the TRUTH. Listen to his story here and see the Doctor and the Man behind the story. It’s very insightful piece into how truth telling is not viewed favourably in this country.
(Un)Masking the truth with Dr Marcus De Brun

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November 10. Confirmation that Cells From Monkeys and Aborted Human Fetuses Are Approved for Use in Vaccines
The ingredients approved for injection into humans by the CDC have been released. They include toxic metals (aluminum salts), cells from humans, monkeys, cows, pigs and chickens, ingredients derived from GMOs, the radioactive element barium, artificial coloring chemicals, excitotoxins such as glutamate, chemical cleansing agents (Triton X-100), dangerous bacterial strains (E.coli), toxic chemicals such as glutaraldehyde, thimerosal (mercury) as well as cells from aborted babies (anonymously listed as MRC-5 and WI-38).
November 8. British Army to begin testing UK children without parental consent
The UK government have initiated a pilot scheme to bring in the military to run Covid19 tests in school. This will involve: testing children without getting parental consent first; identifying each individual with a “unique barcode”; “isolating” and “securing” anyone who tests positive. More information here.
November 6. Australian Police question COVID
Police in Australia are openly questioning why they are being used to enfore draconian COVID restrictions that have no basis in proper science. Read the letter on the right. More information here.
November 5. Parents' Guide to Flumist Vaccine
Health Freedom Ireland has launched their "Let's Get Informed" campaign to help parents make fully informed decisions around vaccinations. The information provided is easy to read, balanced and aims to provide fact based information for individual vaccines which may not be made available to parents in the State's HSE vaccine packs. More information here.
November 3. World Freedom Alliance launched
The World Freedom Alliance has been launched to build global networks to support groups working in the areas of health, education and law to protect human freedoms, expose the truth of what is going on and to build a better normal, not a totalitarian "new normal".
The President of the WFA is Prof Dolores Cahill, a professor in Molecular Biology and Immunology. Vice President is Heiko Shöning, M.D, a founding member of Doctors-for-Enlightenment Chairman of the WFA. Legal advisor is Martin Byrne, Barrister at Law practising in the Superior Courts, Dublin.
November 1st 2020. COVID Internment Camps planned in New Zealand, Canada and USA
Governments around the world are planning compulsory detention camps for those who have tested "positive" with the unreliable PCR test for COVID. This report is from journalist Del Bigtree of The High Wire, an excellent source of uncensored factual information on health issues.
October 27th. 59 deaths following flu vaccine shots
South Korean officials have scrambled to contain widespread public panic sparked by news reports of deaths linked to influenza vaccines. President Moon Jae-in is urging calm and saying any link was merely "coincidental". Over the past two weeks, 59 post-vaccination deaths have been reported, mostly involving those in their 60s or older with pre-existing health conditions. Read more here.
October 25th. Irish government imposes new restrictions on freedoms including fines
The Health (Amendment) Bill 2020 has been passed by both Houses of the Oireachtas (Parliament) and will become law imminently. The law applies until June 2021 when it may be reviewed. The legislation provides the Minister for Health with a complete 'blank cheque' to decide what constitutes breaches of the legislation. This is a very sinister and coercive piece of legislation. Barrister Tracey O'Mahony has provided a very valuable and succinct overview of the law. Link to Bill:
Covid-19: New Fines Laws for Breaches of Covid-19 Regulations

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October 24th. RFK Jr issues an important global message about freedom

This is an important message from Robert F. Kennedy Junior for everyone, regardless of where you live. He powerfully summarises the current situation and how fear is being deliberately used as a weapon by the global Davos elite to push through their agenda. Human freedom and democracy is now on the line.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l. Message for Freedom and Hope

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October 22nd. Gardai use batons against peaceful protestors to "protect public health"
Peaceful anti-lockdown protestors on Dublin's Grafton Street were attacked with batons by the Gardai, ironically, "to protect public health". While the protestors were peaceful, the police were clearly under orders to break up the demonstration using whatever means necessary, including violence. This shocking behaviour by the police shows how serious the Irish government is in enforcing the New World Order agenda. The right to peaceful protest is no longer respected. More information here.
Police State Ireland - Corrupt Gardai manhandle peaceful protesters

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October 19th. More Irish doctors speak out against the Irish government's COVID strategy.
A group of doctors have publically come forward with an open letter to An Taoiseach and Minister for Health declaring no confidence in NPHET and requesting immediate consideration of an alternative strategy ‘that might help us navigate out of this crisis’. Read more here.

October 17th. America's Frontline Doctors show there is a safe and effective treatment for COVID

America's Frontline Doctors held a second White Coat Summit Washington D.C. on October 16-17, 2020. Its purpose was to have frontline doctors talk directly to the public, educate and inform policy leaders about the medical reality of COVID treatment - without the need for deaths or vaccines. Its emphasis was on the proven success of early treatment.

October 13th. World Doctors' Alliance launched and demands a 'Better Normal, not a New Normal'

The World Doctors Alliance (WDA) has been formed as a collaboration between medical professionals across the world to address some the most urgent and important issues surrounding the pandemic. This new international organisation held an important press conference in Berlin on 10th October 2020. This is the type of news that the mainstream media are refusing to report. More information at World Doctors Alliance.
Berlin 10102020: Better Normal, not New Normal - - World Doctors Alliance

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*** CENSORED BY YOUTUBE. YouTube have banned this video of doctors speaking truthfully. See what they don't want you to hear. View it, uncensored, here on and listen to what YouTube don't want you to hear.
October 7th. Another Irish Doctor is censored
Dr Patrick Morrissey, the GP Chairperson of Shannondoc has been removed from his position as Chairman and Director after he spoke publically against unnecessary Covid restrictions. He said that the National Public Health Emergency Team [Nphet] was “completely out of touch” and it “should be scrapped”. He said that Nphet “believe your health is determined by a stupid swab result” and that it is “meaningless data being used to subdue the people”. Many doctors say the same thing privately but Dr Morrissey was brave enough to say so in public. More information here.
Dr Pat Morrissey October 3rd 2020 Health Freedom Ireland

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October 7. Over 7000 Dissenting doctors and scientists call for an end to lockdowns

Over seven thousand scientists and doctors have already signed a petition against coronavirus lockdown measures, urging that those not in the at risk category should be able to get on with their lives as normal, and that lockdown rules in countries like the US, UK and Ireland are causing ‘irreparable damage’ to physical and mental health.
The group is composed of leading infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists. They strongly recommend a more a more sensible, science-based approach. They have launched The Great Barrington Declaration. You can read the Declaration here. Concerned members of the public can also sign. Be aware that Google are trying to censor the Declaration.
Dissenting scientists issue Covid-19 herd immunity declaration

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October 3. Thousands demonstrate in Dublin against COVID restrictions
Thousands of people attended another rally against the COVID scamdemic in Dublin. Along with speeches, it included a march through the city and a mass sit-in on Grafton Street. This video from Dave Cullen - "This is a Spiritual Battle" - gives a good overview of the day and puts it in a much bigger, context. RECOMMENDED

September 30. HSE Director of Clinical Medicine speaks out against Irish COVID policy - and is then forced to resign

Senior HSE medic, Dr Martin Feeley, publically criticised the draconian over reaction to COVID which he describes as "less harmful than a seasonal flu". Although The Irish Times reported his views, he was forced to resign from his HSE position as a Director of Clinical Medicine because he publicly expressed his professional opinion. Censorship of dissent is alive and well in the Irish medical establishment.

September 20. IMPORTANT NEWS. Lawyers launch legal action against "The Biggest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed".

A group of doctors and lawyers led by lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich is preparing to bring a class action suit against the US CDC and the WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaiton. They are also calling on all governments of the world to end all Covid measures and PCR testing, or face being brought to the International Law Court for crimes against humanity.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German expert on international law, corruption cases and medical law who successfully sued large corporations like DeutscheBank and also VolksWagon for their diesel emmissions fraud. He is member of the German Corona Committee. In this video he calmy and methodically explains why the so-called corona pandemic is a gigantic criminal fraud that qualifies to be called a crime against humanity. He is part of a team that are initiating legal proceedings against the WHO and governments for misinformation and corruption around the so-called 'pandemic'. Read nore here. RECOMMENDED
Crimes against Humanity

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*** CENSORED BY YOUTUBE. YouTube have now banned this video of Dr Fuellmach as he outlines the legal case for a massive COVID fraud. However you can view it, uncensored, here on

September 10. German doctors call COVID-19 policy "Organized Crime"

More than 500 German doctors and scientists have officially formed an organization to investigate the global response to Covid-19 called the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee”, or Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss (ACU) in Germany, and came to the conclusion that the freedom-limiting measures we are seeing taken across the globe are wildly excessive when compared with the infection rate of the pandemic. One member of the ACU reportedly confessed that, “we have a lot of evidence that it’s a fake story all over the world,” implying not that the virus itself is fake but that the danger it poses has been fiercely overestimated. YouTube are regularly deleting their videos. Back-up video here.
German Doctors Call COVID-19 Policy "Organized Crime"

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*** CENSORED BY YOUTUBE. Back-up video here.
September 14. Barrister provides important advice for Irish parents regarding planned flu vaccinations
Barrister Tracy O'Mahony has released an important video about the HSE Consent Policy attempting to override parental rights to refuse vaccination. This is an important issue for Irish parents. 
Non Consent and Minors: Nasal Flu Vaccine

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August 27. Hundreds of Belgian medical experts question COVID and the need for lockdowns

Hundreds of Belgian doctors, health scientists, researchers and other healthcare professionals have demanded that the measures against the spread of the coronavirus – “the logic of which is sometimes lacking” – be substantially adjusted, and that Belgium opts for “a reverse lockdown.” Read more here.

August 6. 640 Spanish doctors declare that COVID-19 is a about creating a world dictatorship using a medical excuse

“Doctors for the Truth” in Madrid denounce Covid-19 as “False Pandemic” at an event attended by more than 400 people. The Spanish doctors agreed that:
  • Coronavirus victims did not outnumber last year’s seasonal flu deaths.
  • Figures were exaggerated by altering medical protocols.
  • The confinement of the healthy and the forced use of masks have no scientific basis.
  • The disease known as Covid-19 does not have a single infectious pattern, but a combination of them.
“There are crossed toxic patterns,” said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. “On the one hand, the electromagnetic contamination of 5G, and on the other, the influence of influenza vaccination. There is an interaction and empowerment, which must be investigated”.
More information here.
640 Doctors Confirm that Covid-19 is a TOTAL SCAM

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