Uncensored Information About Secret Societies

The elite who run the world have their own values and belief system. They also have their own religion, symbols and practices that they use to cultivate power and influence across key sections of society such as politics, business, media and key professions. This is a secret religion that is hidden in plain sight but that you are not allowed to speak about.
X-Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion

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Altiyan Childs reveals the world's secret religion. The video is long - but he presents a massive amount of examples of public figures, expecially from the entertainment industry and politics and builds up his case thoroughly. Watch the first 30 minutes and you will be hooked. (5 hours)
Eyes Wide Shut was intended by Stanley Kubrick to shed light on the darker, ritualistic side of the elite who run the world. However it was not the movie Kubrick intended audiences to see. The studio demanded that 24 minutes be cut from the complete film before they would allow it be released. Kubrick refused and just a few days later, the legendary filmmaker was dead. The film was then released with 24 minutes cut. What was in those 24 minutes? (2 mins).
A longer documentary, 'The Real Eyes Wide Shut' on this theme is available here. (20 mins).
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