In a nutshell, the 'pandemic' is an engineered crisis to bring about (1) the centralisation of economic power and wealth, (2) the ceation of a high-tech feudal system run by a global parasitic elite and (3) global depopulation. Central elements of the agenda are an economic reset, transhumanism and a biometrically linked digital identity platform. The videos and text below explore this agenda in more detail.

Lockdowns do work. A crash course on the economics behind COVID and what it means for money, currencies and your wealth RECOMMENDED (9 mins)

The New Normal: Excellent UK documentary (January 2021) outlining the real purpose behind COVID, lockdown, health passports and forced vaccinations. Intelligent, fact-based and disturbing. Also available here (50 mins) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you watch only one video, watch this one.
Monopoly - Follow the Money. An excellent summary of who owns - and how they control - the world and how they are using COVID as a cover for their own agenda. Simple, clear and very important. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (45 mins)

In a nutshell, COVID is a flu-like illness that is being used as a smokescreen to deliberately collapse the global economy in order to create a new economic and totalitarian political order run for the benefit of the global parasites ('the 1%'). The plan has various names including The Great Reset / Agenda 21 / the New World Order / Build Back Better. This plan has a number of key objectives:
  • Big Pharma and Big Tech are making massive financial profits from promoting COVID hysteria and the resulting push for mandatory annual vaccinations and the push for track and trace surveillance.
  • Transfer most economic power to global corporations. COVID is making global businesses, billionaires and especially Big Pharma and Big Tech even richer and more powerful while everyone else gets poorer.
  • Normalise permanent human surveillance using track and trace technology initially and then using injectable and implantable RFID nanochips linked to 5G+ networks.
  • Initiate massive digitisation and robotisation of most areas of the economy and society where everything and everyone is connected to the Internet. They call this the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’.
  • Destroy most small businesses and the financially independent middle classes. Instead, transfer most economic power to global corporations and make large numbers of 'superfluous' people dependent on State social welfare - and State financial coercion - during the process of depopulation. Global corporations will dominate all national economies.
  • Introduce digital currencies / social credit system to track and control all economic activity. Abolish cash, financial freedom and privacy.
  • Depopulation the planet from 8 billion to under 1 billion. For the globalists, this has to be done as billions of people are going to become ‘economically superfluous’ and a financial ‘burden’ to their plans for a ‘4th Industrial Revolution’.
  • Genetically modify and sterilize most of the global population using gene therapy injections presented as a health ‘vaccination’. The normalisation and promotion of euthanasia for ‘non-economically productive’ elderly is also being normalised.
  • Push remaining humans into ‘smart-cities’ where they can be easily monitored and controlled 24-7.
Each is explained in more detail below.
Reiner Fullmich Update - September 2021. Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich from the Corona Investigative Committee presents their Summary Findings 15 sept 2021. (39 mins)

The whole story of Covid, and our world affairs.This documentary from Awake Canada provides a complete story of how we got here, and the truth behind the media, us, the world leaders, and covid 19. (2 hours, 7 mins)

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020

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RFK Jr. In Berlin. American lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is son of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy. Here he gives a powerful speech in Berlin about the real COVID agenda. Despite having a throat disease that has almost destroyed his vocal cords, he speaks powerfully and passionately. A brave man. RECOMMENDED (18 mins).

Plandemic: Indoctornation is the most banned documentary in history. Professionally researched and produced, the award winning production names names and clearly shows how the COVID-19 plandemic was deliberately planned. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (1 hour, 15 mins)


1. The Profit agenda

Firstly, and most blatantly, COVID-19 scaremongering is being used to justify compulsory vaccination programmes. Compulsory vaccination will create massive guaranteed profits for Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers. Unlike any other industry, are protected by 100% legal immunity by governments for all deaths, injuries and long-term negative side effects caused by their products. BigTech companiessuch as Amazon Google and Facebook are also financially benefiting from the massive switch to online living and the introduction of mass surveillance technology.
As a result of this greed, the availability of a low cost and effective preventative medicine and treatment is being deliberately suppressed. Most doctors are remaining silent because they are financially rewarded for pushing vaccination to patients. Critics must be silenced for billionaires to keep profiting from the pandemic. However, the greed of some is being used to prepare the groundwork for more sinister Contol and Depopulation agendas.
The Jab. The WHO receives millions every year in funding from Big Pharma to promote vaccine usage. "The Jab" describes a recent previous attempt by the WHO and Big Pharma to engineer a fake 'Swine Flu' pandemic to guarantee the sales of millions of vaccines and generate billions of Euros in profit. BANNED By YOUTUBE (7 mins).
Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, WHO insider and whistleblower. In this Planet Lockdown interview, she provides disturbing insights into the real inner workings of the organization. (14 mins).
Trust WHO - Official Trailer | DocuBay #StreamingDocumentaries

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Trust WHO: An investigation into allegations of large-scale corruption in the World Health Organization that promotes the interests of Big Pharma and other corporate funders. (2 mins). Watch the full documentary here (1 hour 25 mins).

2. The Control Agenda

The real agenda behind the COVID 'plandemic' is to use fear to persuade people to surrender their freedoms for the illusion of "safety". This surrendering of power is essential to allow the global elite to implement their “The Great Reset” to create a "New World Order", a plan orchestrated by the global elite and being implemented by the UN and World Economic Forum (who have a formal strategic partnership). Cloaked in the humanitarian language of “protecting” human health, the environment and other benevolent sounding goals, the aim is to fundamentally change economies, politics, societies and, crucially, what it means to be a free human being. Over the next 10 years they want to:
  • RESET HUMAN HEALTH by imposing annual compulsory vaccinations and genetic modification on humans.
  • RESET PRIVACY by imposing compulsory covid health certificates and - ultimately - nano-chipping and normalise constant tracking, tracing and surveillance.
  • RESET WORK by imposing remote working, mass automation and digitisation.
  • RESET HUMAN LIFE by digitisation every aspect of living wherever possible because whatever can be digitised can be monitored, controlled and monetised.
  • RESET FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT by restricting travel and services for those who do not co-operate with vaccination.
  • RESET FREEDOM OF SPEECH by imposing censorship on anyone who criticises or dissents from the elite's plans.
  • RESET THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM by imposing a digital currency and abolishing cash and all financial privacy.
  • RESET BUSINESS OWNERSHIP by transferring most economic power to monopolistic global corporations owned by the elite. This will destoy the finances of independent-minded entrepreneurial people.
  • RESET POLITICS by transferring power from national governments to globalist organisations who are unelected and unaccountable.

The “Great Reset” aims to create a totalitarian “new normal” where the global elite can direct and control all aspects of life on the planet using technology. It will be a 21st century form of medieval feudalism imposed using technology.
No one would vote to be chipped, tracked, monitored and controlled 24-7.
No one would vote to depopulate the planet through sterilization.
No one would vote for the globalists’ plans to use technology to create a totalitarian fascist ‘New World Order’.
To get people to co-operate with such extreme plans, the elite needed an excuse, something to scare people into co-operating with the agenda. Faking a pandemic to persuade people to trade their freedoms for "safety" provides the perfect opportunity. This is the real agenda behind COVID-19.
Everything has been planned. This short video looks at the power grab behind COVID. "The Great Reset" being planned by the elite's World Economic Forum is using COVID as an excuse to introduce a high-tech totalitarian system in the West. Banned by YouTube (5 mins)
China's social credit system. A mainstream media report from NBC explaining how China's social credit system works. This is the high tech control system that the global parasites want to spread to the rest of the world. RECOMMENDED (2 mins)
Do We Live in a Brave New World? - Aldous Huxley's Warning to the World

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Do We Live in a Brave New World? Aldous Huxley's Warning to the World. RECOMMENDED (16 mins)
Every Breath You Take. The song by the pop group The Police takes on a whole new meaning as part of the 'New Normal'. RECOMMENDED (2 mins)
The Vaccination Passport. A very good short overview of how vaccination passports are being used to bring in compulsory digital identies. RECOMMENDED (5 mins)
Vaccine Passports. Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News outlines the case against vaccine passports. (12 mins)
Lockdown: Global Conditioning

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Kate Wand: Lockdown - Global Conditioning. (15 mins)
UN Agenda 21

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UN Agenda 21: This is a short overview of the UN's Agenda 21 plan to transform human life in the 21st century. Agenda 21 is the UN's 'PR-friendly' version of the "Great Reset" plan. While marketed as being all about 'environmental sustainability', Agenda 21 is fundamentally about supporting the "Great Reset" and plan to create a "New World Order". (5 mins).
"Digital biometric iDs absolutely unavoidable" according to former UK PM Tony Blair (2 mins)

2.1 The Control Agenda: The Human Reset

The World Economic Forum has set out the radical changes they want to see in humanity, including the merging of the biological, physical and digital. This will allow complete corporate control of human bodies and minds.
  • Compulsory global vaccination programmes to allow the forced imposition of GMO and nano-chipped medicine on healthy people against their consent.
  • Compulsory digital global identity cards in the form of personal health passports will be required to confirm that vaccinations are up to date. Known internationally as the ID2020 project, these will become mandatory to access buildings, events, education, jobs and foreign travel.
  • Human nano-chipping will become normalised as vaccines are used to inject tiny nanochips (smaller than a grain to salt) into humans. These nanochip implants (also known as smart dust) will allow wireless monitoring and tracking of everyone’s physiology, brainwaves, movement and contacts using 5G networks. Female menstrual cycles and fertility can be remotely monitored and controlled to bring about the planned depopulation. This human nano-chipping is essential element in achieving the planned totalitarian control. This technology already exists. The COVID ‘pandemic’ now provides the perfect ‘public health’ excuse to begin rolling these out.
  • Genetically modifying humans will be normalised. It is deeply disturbing that some of the planned compulsory COVID vaccinations will seek to deliberately genetically modify humans. This will allow the elite to fundamentally modify humans for obedience and sterility.
This “human reset” will erase humanity as we know it and forcibly replace 99% of humans with part genetically modified human, part machine. This is known as transhumanism and makes perfect sense to the globalist elite who see humans as essentially just biological machines to be exploited for economic gain and devoid of intrinsic meaning or spiritual value.

Compulsory vaccines will provide the power to create genetically modified humans

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Assimilation

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Animation of the plan to merge man and machine as part of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" / Technocratic New World Order. The voices of Klaus Schwab (CEO of World Economic Forum) and Nita Farahany are their own. These people are insane, evil or both. (3 mins).
Decoding Davis: The Global Endgame explores Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum's plans to reshape, reimagine, and reset the entire world and what it really means for humanity's future. (46 mins) RECOMMENDED.
The Beast System and COVID-1984. (55 mins).

Fr. Altier: Coronavirus - The Truth Revealed

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Fr. Altier: Coronavirus - The Truth Revelaed. Catholic Priest delivers a sermon summarising what is really happening. (20 mins)
'Humanity as a reource to be harvested.' An interview with Catherine Austin Fitts (41 mins)
Reiner Fullmich interviews Whitney Webb as part of the German Corona Hearings. This is an important, wide ranging interview covering the working of elite groups, coming cyberpandemcic, economic collapse, eugenics, censorship and reveals how the COVID 'plandemic' has been a long time in the planning and huge in its implications for humanity. A deep dive. RECOMMENDED (1 hour 4 mins)
Transhumanism and You: This documentary describes the central role of transhumanism in the globalist's plans to control and dehumanise the population by merging humans with machines. Banned by YouTube (46 mins). RECOMMENDED
Warning for Humanity. How the COVID-19 vaccine can transform humanity forever, going from HUMAN 1.0 to HUMAN 2.0. This video has been banned by all the social media giants. (55 mins).
Pentagon presentation discussing how vaccines can be used to genetically reprogramme people and their belief systems. This is a leaked video from 2005 explaining how vaccines can be designed to modify human values, beliefs and behaviour. The context was to develop a vaccine targetted at Islamists. However the technology could be applied to anyone, anywhere to extinguish their values and make them more compliant and easier to control and manipulate. (20 mins)

2.2 The Control Agenda: The Social Reset

The World Economic Forum has set out the radical changes they want to see in society, including the loss of personal privacy - in the interests of "public health and safety".
  • Normalising surveillance and the total loss of personal privacy. Where you go, who you meet, what you watch, say, do, buy sell, read and think will be constantly monitored via 5G powered surveillance. Compulsory surveillance and compulsory compliance will be high-tech fascism.
  • Normalising anti-social distancing to allow CCTV surveillance of the population and robots to work alongside humans. It will also make human contact more difficult and erode camaraderie and community life.
  • Normalising the digitalisation of every aspect of life such as online working, online education, online medicine, online recreation and so forth where it can be monitored, tracked and controlled. By normalising virtual living, people will inevitably become more divorced from the real world and from real people and relationships.
  • Normalise a completely artificial and materialistic way of life devoid of real human contact, spiritual experience, meaning or purpose.
The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual

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Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual. Short video explaining how mandatory cOVID mask wearing can be seen as part of a psychological initiation ritual into the elite's planned "New World Order" (12 mins).
Masked Agenda | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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The New Normal. Part 1. This short film summarises the effect on humanity if the COVID "masked agenda" is implemented. Dystopian science fiction is becoming a reality (4 mins). See all the sort films here.
Mandatory Vaccine | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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The New Normal. Part 2 A Mandatory Vaccine has been made for everyone worldwide, only a few are left who haven't been forced to take it. (4 mins).
Police State | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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The New Normal. Part 3. Explores what living in a Police state after a COVID vaccine is taken, drones and AI have taken over the city. (4 mins).
Track and Trace | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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The New Normal. Part 4. How Track and Trace is going to be used as a surveillance tool and a way people will be controlled through technology, (4 mins).
The Great Reset | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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The New Normal. Part 5 The Great Reset had to happen so the cashless society could be brought in and the one world government could be introduced... With society now in a Police state and a Mandatory Vaccine now in place. Kain is finding refuge in the empty streets of London in search of a way out... (4 mins).
Cashless Society | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

Processing video...

The New Normal. Part 6 The Cashless Society was the step before the new world economy called the Global Credit System, which was all part of The Great Reset. (4 mins).

2.3 The Control Agenda: The Political Reset

The political changes in the "Great Reset" are designed to position global corporations and global regulators as the new "trustees of the public good". These will be completely unaccountable. Politicians and democratically accountable institutions are to be side-lined.
  • Further erosion of the independence of nations. Countries will still exist in name, but national governments and elected politicians will become merely a layer of middle management with little discretion as they follow policies determined by the globalists.
  • UN and its agencies, the World Economic Forum and the World Bank will set global regulation with no democratic accountability. The UN, through agencies such as the WHO, FAO and IPCC, are already dictating national health, education, environment, migration and food policies according to the globalists’ agenda. This can be seen clearly during the COVID ‘pandemic’ where the WHO (which is funded by hundreds of millions of dollars from Bill Gates and Big Pharma corporations) has been effectively directing the policies of national governments. This push for global governance is deeply reflected in the UN’s Agenda 21 plan for the 21st century (which includes its Agenda 2030 milestone plan) and in the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’.
Do We Live in a Brave New World? - Aldous Huxley's Warning to the World

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Do We Live in a Brave New World? Aldous Huxley's warning to today's world (16 mins)
Explaining The Great Reset. Why are so many leaders using the same language when talking about COVID, the "new normal" and the future of their countries and the world? Journalists James Corbett and Del Bigtree separate facts from fiction. Censored by TouTube (39 mins).
Spiro Skouras:The Great Reset Plan Revealed How COVID Ushers In The New World Order

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Spiro Skouras: The Great Reset. This is longer explanation of how the Great Reset has been planned as part of the COVID plandemic to help create the elite's "New World Order" (22 mins).

2.4 The Control Agenda: The Economic Reset

The economic changes in the "Great Reset" are designed to create an economy dominated by Artificial Intelligence, robotics and global corporations who will have monopolistic control of different areas of economic activity. Everything and everyone will be permanently connected to the 'internet of things'. all movements of goods, services, people and finance will be constantly tracked and controlled. Digital currencies will replace cash.
  • Everyone will be permanently and biologically connected to the Internet. Using human nanochip implants, wireless connectivity, facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data computing, everything about your health, your behaviour, your movements, your relationships, your views, thoughts and behaviours can be harvested, analysed and used to manipulate and control you. This constant monitoring 24 hours a day will create a high-tech totalitarian police State.
  • Highly polluting 4/5/6 G microwave communications networks (and radiation) will be everywhere providing the high-speed total connectivity needed to constantly harvest massive quantities of human data to cloud-based data centres. This is why thousands of satellites and ground-based antennas are being rolled out globally regardless of the negative health consequences for people and wildlife. Medical research is revealing that exposure to 5G radiation can induce coronaviruses in cells. COVID can now, conveniently, be blamed for these 5G wireless-related illnesses increase over coming years. Despite claiming to be motivated by health and environmental concerns, 5G will actually result in a massive increase in harmful pollution from microwave radiation.
  • Monopolistic global corporations will dominate the economy and use global supply chains, global finance, automated production lines and low-cost global labour supplies. Control of the global food supply is central element of the globalist agenda to control the world. Global corporations will dominate all aspects of food production from patenting and controlling the use of seeds, to food production and distribution. Traditional agriculture, farmers and food will be progressively replaced by denatured and often lab-grown foodstuffs such as fake meat, insect-based protein and GMO foods. It will be a world where commercial Big Pharma medicine replaces unprofitable human immunity and natural remedies. Medicine will be about creating customers, not cures. Totally unnecessary COVID lockdowns are deliberately destroying huge numbers of small and medium-sized businesses but accelerating the growth of global corporations like Amazon. Eliminating the financially independent and free thinking entrepreneurial class are essential to assuming elite control. [Image billionaires wealth FT]
  • A digital cashless economy without notes and coins. Instead, all income and expenditure will be constantly tracked and controlled in real-time. Initially the move to cashless will use cards, but the real aim is to transition to an economy where people will pay using the RFID nanochips implants in their hands. This will allow access to digital finance can be turned off for the non-compliant. Despite the real dangers of a cashless economy, COVID has been deliberately used to promote a fear of handling cash and spurred the widespread adoption of cashless payments using cards,.
  • Citizens will be forced to become subscribers instead of owners. Instead of owning land, cars and other possessions, citizens will be forced to lease them on a usage basis. The excuse is that this will be less wasteful and more “ecological”. Instead, most property will be owned by the global corporations. This subscription economic model is already common in the software industry. Applied to the wider economy, it will turn most people into economic slaves, devoid of assets and dependent on the State and large corporations. The benefit for big business is that a subscription model economy guarantees predictable repeat customers and will generate far greater long-term profits. The benefit for the State is that it is far easier to control citizens who own little or nothing and have no economic independence.
  • A system of Universal Basic Income (social welfare) will be phased in as a bribe to comply with mandatory vaccination, surveillance, nano-chipping and other losses of freedoms. Those who do not comply with this new "social contract" will not qualify.
These economic changes are being promoted by the World Economic Forum and the UN. They are calling it the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, a name that suggests “progress” and a certain inevitability. But their plan will destroy personal privacy, community and economic freedom. A more accurate description would be to describe it as a Fascist Industrial Revolution that will only serve the interests of the globalists and large corporations.
Sky News Australia provides a blunt warning about the economic reset that the elite are planning as part of their "Great Reset". (2 mins).
International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains precisely how governments are deliberately and cold-bloodedly planning to bankrupt their citizens. And why they are doing this. It's all part of the Agenda 21 plan for a Global Reset. (You will, of course, be exempt from these plans if you're a billionaire). (7 mins).
"The Globalist Agenda". Aaron Russo discusses his conversations with Nickolas Rockefeller concerning the Council On Foreign Relations and learns of how they want to control the population through microchips, information control & the federal reserve. Rockefeller discusses the true reason the Rockefeller Foundation supported feminism. (12 mins)

3. The Depopulation Agenda

In a high-tech world that will be dominated by AI, robotics and Big Data, far fewer people will be required to generate goods and services. By 2030, over 50% of jobs are expected to be come automated. As a result, billions of people will, in the eyes of the elite, become economically “surplus to requirements”. These “useless eaters” (in Henry Kissinger’s infamous phrase) will also become a threat to the position, wealth and status of the tiny but privileged elite. With "too many human cattle on the farm" a global cull of humans will be required.
To reduce this risk and also to avoid having to ‘waste’ resources supporting huge numbers of economically inactive and potentially "restless" people, the elite have long planned a programme of global depopulation. Their aim is to reduce the world’s population from the current 7.5 billion to around 500 million by the year 2030. 500 million is the same population as existed on the Earth during the 1700s.
This depopulation will be achieved mainly through a global programme of sterilizing vaccinations. Since the public would never accept this, hyped up fear of COVID provides the excuse needed to get people to co-operate.

Excerpt from the book 'The Committee of 300' by Dr John Coleman describing the elite's depopulation plans. The book was written in 1992.
Above: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is strong supporter of depopulation. His father, Stanley Johnson, also wrote a whole book arguing for massive global depopulation. Like many of the world's super-wealthy elite, Bill Gates, is also a long term and very active supporter of global depopulation. He openly admits that his global vaccination and GMO food programmes are part of this depopulation agenda. The reality is there are plenty of resources for for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed - especially the globalist billionaires and their supporters.

The Depopulation Agenda. (10 mins)
In this interview with a former Colonel of the Russian Military Intelligence service, he states that the COVID "pandemic" is really serving four main purposes: 1) Global depopulation 2) Political control over the remaining population 3) Deflation of the current financial bubble (also known as "The Great Reset") 4) Liquidation of geo-economic competitors (11 mins)
"This isn't a vaccine story. This is a depopulation management story." This compilation video is a good summary of the depopulation agenda behind COVID. It uses excerpts from Plandemic and other sources. (10 mins)
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information! Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, has been a persistent problem. All is well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus. Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists have forecast that millions may die, and it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID, making an argument for even more deadly vaccines. (59 mins)
This is an excerpt from the Corbett Report's excellent investigation into Bill Gates and reveals the billionaire's deep desire to control and reduce the global population (36 mins). The full documentary can be viewed on CorbettReport.com
The Georgia Guidestones. This mysterious monument, erected in 1980, sets out the depopulation target for the world: just 500 million people. (22 mins)
Reduce the population Scene from 'One by One' Rik Mayall's last film release before his sudden death

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One By One: Depopulation Scene. Excerpt from Rik Mayall's last film, One By One. This low budget independent film was made in 2014 but anticipated what is going on today (8 min. clip). Watch the full film here.
Depopulation | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

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Depopulation (A Parable). Depopulation was all part of the agenda to their new world. Populations needed to be controlled. Depopulation is the Twelfth part in the Sci-Fi Dystopian Short Film series, you can watch the other (4 mins)
Agenda 21, Depopulation and Total Enslavement

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Agenda 21, Depopulation and Total Enslavement (10 mins)

Who are the global parasites?

Organised crime does not just exist at the lower levels of society. Human greed can operate at all levels. The higher up the pyramid of global economic and political power, the more powerful and dangerous the criminals and tyrants can become. This has happened throughout human history where psychopathic and criminal parasites frequently rise to the top and exploit ordinary people for their own ends. In our modern high-tech age, the temptation available to such people has never been greater or more dangerous.
Our world is currently run by a very small but extremely wealthy and powerful group who have enormous influence over the UN and most Western governments. This ‘shadow world government’ includes wealthy and powerful families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers (who helped found the UN) and billionaires like Bill Gates and George Soros with their enormous financial and corporate holdings as well as their hugely influential ‘philantropic’ organisatons that give grants to media and NGOs to buy support for their agendas. They work mainly through private investment companies succh as Vanguard and Blackrock and 'policy' organisations such as the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission. They are also major financial backers of the World Economic Forum, the UN and its various agencies.
These globalist parasites - who with their various supporters amount to no more than 1% - are totally materialistic, devoid of any moral or spiritual foundations. The pursuit of money and power is their primary motivation. Crucially, these people are also eugenicists who believe they can - and should - direct and control humanity and human evolution through selective breeding and global population reduction.
The 1% who are using the their control of the media to deliberaterly hype COVID are motivated by a profoundly materialistic, anti-human agenda that is based on arrogance, greed and a craving for total power. Big Pharma with their vaccines, Big Tech with their censorship, the mainstream media with their propaganda and the financially compromised and silenced medical establishment, are simply the opportunists, profiteers and careerists who are, unwittingly, being manipulated and incentivised to execute the deeper globalist plan. 
This 1% want to consolidate and extend their power by creating what they themselves have repeatedly described as a “New World Order” (NWO) by the year 2030. In 2020 the UN even released a COVID song celebrating the creation of a "New World Order Behind Closed Doors". It can be found here and here. At the core of the "New World Order are two important goals: creating a totalitarian, technocratic global government under the UN (with national governments reduced to mere puppets) and implementing a managed process of global depopulation.
Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

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Who really rules the world? An overview of the 17 transnational investment firms which control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they are kept in power - and pursue their agenda - using activists, facilitators and protectors. (22 mins).
Monopoly - Follow The Money

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Monopoly - Follow the Money. An excellent summary of who owns - and how they control - the world. This reveals WHO they are and HOW they operate. (39 mins). IMPORTANT & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

James Corbett interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich. More Corona Ausschuss interviews here (59 mins). RECOMMENDED

The Unauthorised Biography of David Rockefeller. The Rockefeller family is one of the wealthiest and most powerful in the world. This profile gives a sober insight into their values, modus operandi and influence (59 mins).

Aaron Russo exposes the Rockerfellers. Hollywood Director and Producer Aaron Russo exposed first-hand knowledge of the elite global agenda. Nick Rockefeller told Russo about the elite's plan to microchip the population, warned him about 'an event that would allow the USA to invade Afghanistan and Iraq' months before 9/11 (13 mins). The full interview is fascinating and can be viewed here . RECOMMENDED
Eyes Wide Shut was intended by Stanley Kubrick to shed light on the darker, ritualistic side of the elite who run the world. However it was not the movie Kubrick intended audiences to see. The studio demanded that 24 minutes be cut from the complete film before they would allow it be released. Kubrick refused and just a few days later, the legendary filmmaker was dead. The film was then released with 24 minutes cut. What was in those 24 minutes? (2 mins).
A longer documentary, 'The Real Eyes Wide Shut' on this theme is available here. (20 mins)


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Bill Gates Tells the Truth. While this is a satirical cartoon, it nicely summarises how Bill Gates, a key member of the global elite, sees the world and why he is leading the billionaire elite's push to use COVID as an excuse to push for mass vaccination of the planet (7 mins).
The Bilderberg Group - Documentary (2012)

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Above: The Bilderberg Group. An overview of the Bilderberg Group. While the documentary comes from a Canadian perspective, it provides a useful insight. (11 mins).
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