The merging of humans and machines to create sterile, obedient cyborgs

Fundamental to the so-called 'Great Reset' is the merging of humans and machines. Klaus Schwab, CEO of the billionare-run World Economic Forum calls this the "merging of the physical, biological and digital'. This will allow human minds and bodies to be connected to the Internet, monitored 24-7.
  • Compulsory global vaccination programmes to allow the forced imposition of genetic modification mRNA medicine (and later nano-chipping) on healthy people against their consent.
  • Compulsory digital global identity cards in the form of personal health passports will be required to confirm that "vaccinations" are up to date. Known internationally as the ID2020 project, these will become mandatory to access buildings, events, education, jobs and foreign travel.
  • Human nano-chipping will eventually become normalised as the plan is that vaccines will be used to inject tiny nanochips (smaller than a grain to salt) into humans. These nanochip implants (also known as smart dust) will allow constant wireless monitoring and tracking of everyone’s physiology, brainwaves, movement and contacts using 5G networks. Female menstrual cycles and fertility can be remotely monitored and controlled to assist with bring about the widescaleplanned depopulation. This human nano-chipping is essential element in achieving the planned totalitarian control. This technology already exists. The COVID ‘pandemic’ now provides the perfect ‘public health’ excuse to begin rolling these out.
  • Genetically modifying humans will be normalised. It is deeply disturbing that the mRNA COVID vaccinations are designed to genetically modify humans. This will allow the elite to genetically modify humans for obedience and sterility.
This “human reset” will erase humanity as we know it and forcibly replace 99% of humans with part genetically modified human, part machine. This is known as transhumanism and makes perfect sense to the globalist elite who see humans as essentially just biological machines to be exploited for economic gain and devoid of intrinsic meaning or spiritual value.

The Basics

Compulsory vaccines will provide the power to create genetically modified humans by injecting nano-technology to Access, Analyse and Affect human thinking and behaviour

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Assimilation

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Assimilation. Animation of the plan to merge man and machine in the Technocratic New World Order. The people speaking are real people - the real voices of Klaus Schwab (CEO of World Economic Forum) and Nita Farahany (academic and expert on bioethics) are their own. (3 mins).
Transhumanism and You

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Transhumanism and You. This documentary describes the central role of transhumanism in the elite's plans to control and dehumanise the population by merging humans with machines (46 mins). RECOMMENDED

The Philosophic History of Technocracy and Transhumanism. Catherine Austin Fitts discusses with Jay Dyer the long history of transhumanist philosophy. (57 mins).
Transhumanism 101: The Great Reset briefly explains the dehumanising 'transhumanist' agenda behind vaccines and the COVID agenda (14 mins).

Warning for Humanity. How the COVID-19 vaccine can transform humanity forever, going from HUMAN 1.0 to HUMAN 2.0. This video has been banned by the social media giants. (55 mins).
Chipped Part 1: ID2020. For as long as men have been reading the Bible, people have speculated about the mark of the beast. What is it? When will it arrive? This documentary dives into an initiative called ID2020 - and considers its role in rolling out new world order of the Antichrist. (27 mins)
Chipped Part 2: Virtual Reality. The second installment of this disturbing documentary series, explores some of the new technologies (30 mins)
Chipped Part 3: The Mark. The third and final installment of this disturbing documentary series, explores explores the 'mark of the beast' as prophesised in the Bible. (35 mins)

The scientists revealing the that mind control vaccine technology already exists


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Remote Mind Control. Pentagon advisor Dr. James Giordano describes neuro-nano-robotic Brain-to-Computer interface mind control weapons for remote monitoring and manipulation of human brains. The purpose is remote mind control. And the way to roll this out to the population is through mandatory vaccines. RECOMMENDED. (17 mins).
Neuroscientist Dr James Giordano. Neuro-Weapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Brain Implants.

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Neuroscientist Dr James Giordano explains neuro-weapons and remote control brain implants to military cadets. 'The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future' on 09/25/18 at the Modern War Institute, United States Military Academy West Point. This is fact. This is scary. RECOMMENDED (17 mins).
Removing the God gene through vaccination. Pentagon presentation discussing how vaccines can be used to genetically reprogramme people and their belief systems. This is a leaked video of a Pentagon presentation from 2005 explaining how a vaccine can be deisigned to modify human values, beliefs and behaviour. The context was to develop a vaccine targetted at Islamists to genetically destroy their religious beliefs. However the technology could be applied to anyone, anywhere to extinguish their values and systems of belief, thereby making them more compliant and therefore easier to control and manipulate. (20 mins)
The Gene Code Injection – an experiment on humanity. Important and easy to follow interview with Dr. Madej (February 2021) on the risks of the currently rolled out Covid vaccines. (33 mins) BANNED BY YOUTUBE. RECOMMENDED
Human 2.0. This exellent talk by Dr Carrie Madej describes how the COVID nRNA vaccines will be very different from previous vaccines and will fundamentally alter human DNA. Watch the banned video here. Censored by YouTube. RECOMMENDED What Dr. Madej is saying is also confirmed by this video. (20 mins)
The UN Announces Biometric Digital Passports. The United Nations has announced the rollout of a biometric digital wallet that can be used for data related to human resources, medical status, travel, payroll and pensions. This will allow every aspect of our lives to be centralized digitally using biometrics, AI and 5G. If you don't get the latest vaccine, individuals can face travel, study and work restrictions or your payments may be frozen until you comply. They may not have to mandate anything if they can ‘encourage’ you to obey. This video keeps getting censored by YouTube (7 mins).
Concept Incubator Would Grow Your Babies At Home

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Incubator babies. This is the transhumanist mindset in action. If you believe that humans are meaningless biological machines with no soul or spirit, then incubator babies is an example of where that logic will take humanity. (2 mins)
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